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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Which one is better Caesar or Normal Delivery? Caesar Vs Normal Delivery: Advantage and Disadvantage

Which one is better Caesar or Normal Delivery? Caesar Vs Normal Delivery: Advantage and Disadvantage
Which one is better Caesar or Normal Delivery? Caesar Vs Normal Delivery: Advantage and Disadvantage
Although Caesarean is a very common thing nowadays, but it is a big operation, so it has its own risks. Without any medical reasons, doctors do not recommend caesarean treatment. If there is no serious problem in pregnancy, then the vaginal birth or normal delivery is safe. Normal delivery is not only good for current pregnancy; it is also good for future pregnancy too.

Sometimes, Caesareans are required to protect the life of the mother and child, in such a situation, Caesarean is the safest for both the mother and baby. It’s also may suggested, when you want to give birth to a child in a particular way or day, the doctor advises you to be caesarean. However, your decision has a special effect on your health and lifestyle.

At present, one of four children is born through Caesarean. BBC and Guardian publish a detailed report on this matter.

Mother's facilities in planned caesarean:-

· Do not bear the pain of birth

There is not much bleeding

There are no injuries to the vaginal

Disadvantages of the mother in planned caesarean:-

· To stay in hospital for a long time

In case of bleeding after birth, in many cases the removal of the womb is called a hysterectomy.

· Increases the risk of a heart attack.

Increases the risk of uterine infection.

· Pain after operation, which lasts for several weeks.

· There are likely to be problems of acetic or tubal pregnancy, placenta previa, placenta acetrata and placental abortions for next Pregnancy.

Child disadvantages of designed caesarean-

· To be kept in an intensive care unit

Chances of respiratory problem

The practice of breast feeding is delayed

One of their studies has found that the effects of psychological adverse effects on mothers made by Caesarean are more than those of natural birth. Breastfeeding may be a problem for babies with caesarean mothers.

Now we need to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of natural delivery.

Vaginal birth or normal delivery is uncomfortable and difficult.

Normal delivery may seem dirty. After the birth, lots of sweat, amniotic fluid, blood and placenta or pulse comes out from the baby.
Vaginal injuries can happen.
· Normal delivery can return to normal after a few hours and can start normal work within a few days.

· If the baby is born well then the child is calm.

After the baby's birth, the mother gets physical and mental strength. Through by this she gets a wonderful feeling of peace and achievement.

After childbirth, it is easy to feed the shawl immediately after the baby's birth, so the relationship between the mother and the child is strong.

The baby's lungs are ready and strengthened to breathe in the process that the baby is born in normal delivery.

Let's not forget that which tasks that need to be done successfully for childbirth and which are not to be done.

1. Naturally, a health worker or midwife is needed for delivery. Licensed Midwifery Maria Lorlow, of San Francisco's Wiseomenchildbart.com said, "Naturally, a doctor or a donor should be arranged for baby delivery, who can make the whole thing beautiful and successful".

2. Obtain the necessary things for delivery to remove germs.

3. According to scientists, the newborn baby has lots of iron in the nerves, which does not produce in the body of the baby within few months of birth. So cut the pores after 2 minutes of birth so that the baby can intake more iron.

4. as soon as the baby is born, don’t take baby away from mother. Give the baby breast milk to get great bonding b/w mother and child.  

5. After the birth, the baby will have to feed the shawl. Breast milk is good for both the baby and the mother. Breast milk helps in preventing the disease and protects and helps the mother quickly for quick recovery; the ties of the child and the mother are firm.

6. Do not listen to anyone who has or may have been terrible about the birth of a child, but always think positively.

According to the UK, 'All women have the right to decide on the method of birth of a child. But it is also important to give them the right advice to help them with their decision. The day of childbirth for women is a very beautiful and memorable day. The pain of childbirth is undoubtedly much trouble, but when the mother sees the face of her newborn child, she forgets all her troubles.

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