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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

What is leech therapy and its benefits!

What is leech therapy and its benefits!
Leech Therapy

   Leech therapy is one of the Oldest and trusted therapy to treat many disease Naturally. Many people are asking What is leech therapy? What are the precaution should take during this leech therapy and what types of disease can be treated by Leech therapy. SO friends first we should know what is Leech Therapy?

What Is Leech Therapy? 
   Leech Therapy is increasing blood circulation and preventing blood clotting using Leech and remove the impure blood from the body.
   Leech has several chemicals/ enzymes in its saliva that helps to protect our blood from clotting. 
Now we need to know the components of Leech Saliva and how its Work.

      Leech Saliva contains the following components:-
1.  Hirudin:- Act as a potent anticoagulant ( its helps to protect our blood clotting) 
2.  Calin:- Inhibits blood coagulation
3.  Destabilase:- Dissolves fibrin and has thrombolytic effects.
4.  Bdellins:- Anti inflammatory effect and inhibits trypsin, plasma and acrosin.
5.  Hyaluronidase:- Spreading factor.
6.  Eglins Factors Xa inhibitor:- Inhibit the activity of coagulation factor Xa by forming equimolar complexes.
7.  Complement Inhibitors:- Replace natural complements inhibitors if they are deficient.
8.  Carboxypeptidase A inhibitors:- increase the inflow of blood
9.  Acetylcholine:- Vasodilator
10.Anesthetic-like substances:- Reduce pain during biting by a leech.

Anatomy of leech
Anatomy of Leech 

     What are the precaution should take during Leech Therapy?

During this Leech Therapy you Should look in to this following Matter.

1. Non poisonous leech should be used, otherwise it will causes infection.
2. Avoid Multiple uses of leech:- One leech leech can be used for one user only. 
3. And after using one leech for one time should not be used for min. 7 days.
4. After Leech therapy both the patient and the leech should get the care.
5. Portion of the leech therapy should be disinfected.

10 Disease which can be treated With Leech Therapy:

1. Cardiovascular Disease
2. knees with osteoarthritis
3. Skin Problems
4. Hair fail
5. Eye problems
6. Sex problems
7. Hypertension
8. Neurons Problems
9. Hemorrhoids.
10. Stomach Ulcer

and many more problems can be solved by this Leech Therapy.


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