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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Know the cause and treatment for neck and back pain! Spondylolysis : Symptoms and Treatment


What is Spondlolysis?

           Nowadays many people are facing the problems of back and the neck pain and it’s a common problem for every working person. Because most of the offices mean sitting in front of the computer and working for hours. It does not matter if there is any problem but it is not possible to work now without a computer. If you go back to the doctor with pain on your neck, it is known as cervical spondylolysis is one of the main causes of this pain.

What is spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis/ Difference between spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis ?

          Spinal cord disease is spondylolysis & Cervical spondylolysis, due to the loss of the vertebrae in the neck. Our spine consists of bones, muscles, bones, etc.

Cervical spondylosis is an age-related disease. The transition of spondylosis has begun since the age of 40, although in some cases, bone loss has started earlier. Men or women can be infected with this disease.

Generally, the people who are working in the front of the neck are more likely to have this disease. For example, only those who work at the chair table, working in a computer, motorcycle or cycling. Etc.

spondylolysis symptoms:-

           1. The symptoms of this disease are neck pain and neck pain can often spread from the shoulder to the top of the shoulder, chest, back or arm, to the hand. When pressure on the nerve or nerve that comes down from the neck.

           2. It can be a pain in the whole hand. The most serious side of this disease is the pressure on the spinal cord. Weakness in the legs, difficulty in walking. Damage to the urine, pain may occur.

           3. If you get infected with this disease, it hurts if you want to move your head. There will be problems in turning the neck in the right direction.

          4. Pain on the neck, upper part of the back and pressure on the arm is unpleasant. Normal movement of the neck is disrupted.

How to Diagnose Spondylolysis?

           Blood glucose,
           Urine routine test,
           Exhaustive examination,
           Neck MRI, 

What is the treatment for Spondylolysis?

To treat Spondylolysis you must have to follow the following process...

1.  Medicines - Pain medicines, relaxant medicines, anxiety reduction medicines.

2. Physiotherapy - Neck pulls or cervical trucks, short wave dihythmry, massage, transcutaneous nervous electrical nerve stimulation.

Does and Don't  in Spondylolysis:-

          1. In this case, you should sleep under a pillow on a solid bed. During sleeping, pillow should be placed under the neck. Batter to use a low height pillow.

          2. Do not work in the front of the neck for a long time.

          3. Please set the table and chair in such position that you need not to work in the front of the neck or which can pressure on your neck.

          4. If you are facing huge pain then you can give a gentle hot massage on the neck. All the neck Exercise will give you comfortable enough.

There is a need to show a specialist.

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